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Detailed Greek folk sheet music

The most common problem among people who play or start playing bouzouki is the lack of appropriate sheet music. I suppose, the explanation for this is the fact that Greek folk music and the bouzouki playing style has been evolved around improvisation. Bouzouki players are used to color their melodies with a lot of passing notes and fill the songs with many free form phrases, which are difficult to fit into musical bars.

This lack and my love for Greek folk music, gave me the idea of making a compilation of some classic Greek folk songs, select the most original and challenging executions of them, transcribe them into full detailed musical scores and write them down on a book, titled “9/8”. Me and the two other members of our team, are trying to bring this to life by starting a project on, a fund raising site where everyone can support any project they like with any amount of money they want and receive respective prices. For all the details of our project, please follow our links

Indiegogo page:

the project’s website:

By supporting financially our project, not only you help it come true but you obtain a copy of our book, a very detailed work in Greek folk music that has not been done before.

For me Greek folk music mainly of the period 1930-1960, is a very “rich”, genuine and compound musical genre of great harmonic and rhythmic value and if Greece was a bigger country, in my opinion our folk music would be globally known like the American blues. So, through this project I would be happy if I helped in its preservation and its spread to new people.

Thanks to everyone for your support

Merry Christmas

Dimitris Chatzilias, “9/8” team administrator


Dimitris Chatzilias
Song selection, transcription, writing of the book
Maximos Kaliakatsos-Papakostas
Sound engineering, production of the CD
Anastasios Chatziloukas
Editing, printing, bookbinding

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