Laikoi Dromoi – The Greek bouzouki music scale generator

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“Laikoi Dromoi” is a Scale Generator for Greek Music Scales, with a Greek and English translated interface. This shareware application runs on Windows, and provides an interactive reference to all popular modes used in traditional and modern Greek music and songs.


Scales included:
•    Armoniko Minore
•    Diatoniko Minore
•    Hitzaz
•    Hitzazkiar
•    Houzam
•    Kartziyar
•    Kiourdi
•    Matzore
•    Melodiko Minore (Asc/desc)
•    Niavent
•    Ousak
•    Peiraiotikos
•    Poimeniko Minore
•    Rast (Asc/desc)
•    Sambah
•    Segiah
•    Tambahaniotikos? 
This program can be used by anyone with basic music knowledge as a reference to the Musical scales (modes) used in popular Greek music. Greek musicians rely on the knowledge of these scales, especially those who play the Greek bouzouki instrument. You may find that many of these scales are also used in other cultures, and may be known with different names.


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