Easy learn that tricky bouzouki riffs , learn baglama, challenge your drums skills, sing your very own or practice your bass line?
Discover the Greek Custom Backing Track!
Think about it: the best musicians in one place, always ready to play along with you, whether you are a singer, a musician, a music teacher, or even a DJ…
Customization is endless! Mute any instrument to create your Bouzouki Backing Track or Baglama, Playback without Piano, Drumset, Bass… or select your instrument above to create your own accompaniment track in just seconds.

Please feel free to share your thoughts on this project. Also if you want to request your favorite song, leave a comment below!!

8 thoughts on “Greek Custom Backing Tracks”

  1. Hello Makis. I am new to the zook and learning a song named tzivaeri. If you search u utube …”tzivaeri- beginer bouzouki lesson” you will know the song it is 2 minutes in length. So i would like this song/ backing track less the bouzouki. Do you have this and if not can you find it or nake it? Thanks Mike

    1. Και βεβαια θα το ανεβασουμε συντομα μια και ειναι και δικο μας αγαπημενο!!

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