Flat Screen TV’s

TVs Plasma are one of our most popular additions for your wedding reception. Present a photo montage, candid pics from your event, photo booth pics, even display pics your guests are taking with their phones, real time. Video displays are available in 4k – 65″.

tvs plasma

Photo Montage
Relive the past and present on your wedding day with a photo montage. We will produce and set music to your montage and present them on our video displays during your reception. Include pics of family and friends and go back in time with pics from your childhood, and your growing up years. As an alternative to the traditional montage you can simply have old school pics scrolling on the screens throughout dinner without asking for the attention of your guests for a full 10 minutes. With this option, your unlimited pics simply scroll all throughout dinner

Candid Pictures
Our candid photographer will capture great action candid shots thoughout your event and we present them on our TV displays all evening. All these pics will then be available for download on our website a few days after your wedding.

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