Clean Sound Great tone Playability

We are proud to present our Bouzouki handmade stringed instrument, a beautiful addition to any collection. With its best-quality wood parts and playability, this instrument is sure to satisfy the needs of anyone looking for a new way to enjoy their musical pleasure.

I’ve been playing bouzouki for 25 years, and now that I’m a craftsman, I know what it takes to get the best quality out of each part of the instrument. That’s why I only use the best wood in my instruments

My goal is to create instruments that are not only beautiful but also playable and warm-sounding—and I’m confident you’ll agree that I’ve succeeded.

Our instruments are built from the finest materials, including wood from our own rare collection as mahogany, rosewood, maple, European spruce, wenge, padauck. Every part of our instrument has been chosen with care and consideration to create an instrument that sounds warm and clear while still having enough bite to keep your audience engaged.

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