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Congratulations to Alekos Galas for his nomination on the 54th Annual Grammy Ballot

Field 21 - Composing/Arranging
Category 57 - Best Instrumental Composition

Alexander J Galas, composer (Alekos Galas)


One of the most highly respected BOUZOUKI artists, Alex “Alekos” Galas (ah-LEH-kos GA-les) is recognized and considered to be among the best BOUZOUKI virtuosos. A “world-class” musician, recording artist, composer and producer, Alekos Galas has established his musical achievements and recognition with a successful performing career spanning over four decades. Playing the BOUZOUKI professionally since his early teens, Galas has played on numerous recordings for various artists and genres that include Smooth Jazz, World Fusion, and Jazz Fusion. He is noted for his technical mastery, dexterity and complex solos on the BOUZOUKI and is sought out as a session player which has included film soundtracks.

A true fusionist, his new self-produced offering features Alekos in the leader role, with commanding performances and the introduction of a traditionally ethnic instrument reformulated in the hands of a master. The sound is beautifully translucent, introducing the listener to a modern sounding, texturally fused reverberation that is a groundbreaking recording.

MEDITERRANEAN BREEZE takes the listener on an exciting and entirely enjoyable musical journey. This is a soulful, uplifting and melodic fusion of heart and instrument, highlighting the beauty and versatility of the Bouzouki. From the beginning notes of “Bouzouki Spice” the listener knows they are in the hands of an innovator. Alekos takes the listener on an expedition of technical prowess coupled with an array of original compositions that can be described as World Fusion, Smooth Jazz, and Pop; with elements and influences of Greek and Mediterranean music. “Moon Nights” offers the listener a wonderfully blended fusion of Smooth Jazz sounds and Mediterranean spice perfectly melded into a hybrid recipe that is guaranteed to satisfy the most exacting palate.

“The Road Home” has an infectious beat that brings the release diversity and a nice texture change mid-way through the journey. Each cut is highlighted with evident chemistry between the players. This collaboration is augmented with notable and legendary musicians MARC RUSSO, ABRAHAM LABORIEL, ALEX ACUNA, each lending their unique musical voice and creating a release that engages the listener from the first notes.

The most evident message throughout the release is the pure joy within each composition, the core foundation that propels each track to its full potential and climax. One listen and you will understand why Alekos has received much critical acclaim for his commanding, stylish performances. The journey ends with “Hidden Love,” an introspective and organic tune that is tender and heart-wrenching, a befitting closing and anthem to the prevailing message this wonderful recording has to offer. Drink in the sights and sounds and bask in the beauty of Mediterranean Breeze.
Source: Kari-On

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